N a s h v i l l e K u r d s D a i l y

Reports Live from Nashville -The Little Kurdistan-

United Kurdish Voice

UKA is a new organization intended to bring the Kurdish community together and enrich Kurdish culture within the community, especially with the youth.

mission statement

"The United Kurdish Voice is a non-political, non-profit, cultural, and educational based organization. The intention of the United Kurdish Voice shall be to rejuvenate the Kurdish culture by bringing members of their Kurdish community together to partake and have a say in various activities supported by the organization...United Kurdish Voice is designed to involve the Kurdish community in education, community service, maintaining a Kurdish culture that entails respect, unity, and tolerance...UKA will initiate/participate in a variety of activities which will enhance the sense of identity and bonds among all Kurds."

UKA plans to have monthly events, the 1st event is a picnic may 14th , 12 pm @ Edwin Park, cabin 2. Everyone is invited to join
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12:20 AM

ummmmmmmm i might be able to come ... :P .... did u like the lunch???    

3:19 PM

i wish we had a kurdish community as big as nashville :(
let us kno how this thing goes    

4:25 PM

did they ever start a website for this organization? i think they were discussing it but i never got around to attending one of the orientations because of school...    

10:00 AM

were there alot of pretty kurdish girls at the picnic? im in atlanta. i would've come for the girls.    

8:25 PM


11:13 PM

Chonen bashen. Bezhy UKV    

11:15 PM

I hope UKV can really play a positive withimg Kurdish community in Nashville.    

2:58 AM

this is a good idea and it well attract kurds but if you want to involve every one in this ukv you have to pu this on there UKV$ because more people care about money then their children in nashville    

7:20 PM

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »    

4:57 PM

Very nice site! » »    

6:25 AM

Looking for information and found it at this great site... here    

10:13 AM

hi everyone...I dont live in Nashville but i have been there acouple of times..and it is pretty sad how all the kurds in nashville talk about eachothers stuff and whos has better things than others..we are all kurds we should help eachother out instead of talking and bein jealous of another..well anyways but dont get me wrong the ppl in nashville are good    

1:04 PM

tru dat tru dat.....but we n CA$HVILLE na, yaahmean...we hold it down deep 2 da fulle$t 4 mu niggas locked n da Pen...bout makin money n dougin hoes round here ya feels me cuz....yall niggas stay tru to yall roots    

12:38 PM

I'm a kurdish guy who recently came to nashville from a different state and want to comment on Mr. tru dat tru dat who commented before this. With all due respect, your comment is probably the most uneducated and plain out retarded thing I've read in a while. Your the reason why people don't respect kurdish people in this area and also the reason why we as a people are looked down upon. You still belong under a tent somewhere in turkey "nigga". I just feel bad for the parents of someone like you who probably looks in the mirror and sees a black person looking back.

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