N a s h v i l l e K u r d s D a i l y

Reports Live from Nashville -The Little Kurdistan-

>> DaY @ The PaRk <<

Itz 8:00pm now...hmmm actually 8:15pm now .. it took me 15 min to write that sentence :D .. im @ work .. it was such a nice day in nashville today .. every1 went to the park :D .. we were invited :D .. yummmmmm had kabobs and sheessssssh :.. then =( i had to leave that nice park and come to work ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh : .... lalaalaaalaaaaaaa =(
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7:10 AM

running low on ideas to post?    

7:14 AM

hi can i take u to the park when u r off ? im handsome and nice    

12:02 PM

roller for ur info this is my blog i dont need u to comment on wat i need to post !!! il post watever I WANT!!    

7:50 AM

was just stating the obvious ,
no need to get so over-worked...seriously    

7:54 AM

*yawwwwwwwwwwn* watever .. stating the obvious ?? haha no1 forced u to read the blog .. n if ur not satisfied with the posts =) then dont read em ..
im off to take my exam :| :| :| GOOD LUCK TO ME


7:58 AM

"*yawwwwwwwwwwn* watever"

Nice comeback
You are know eligible for the most well spoken and witty blogger around...Congratulations    

8:15 AM

loooooooool thnx sweeti ;)    

4:50 PM

does that mean I can take you out to the park for some smudging ?!    

5:35 PM

it means u can get lost =)    

5:15 PM


who is running this blog? what is your name, what is your fathers name. Answer me damn it.    

9:47 PM

Excellent, love it! »    

3:17 PM

im also a kurd i live in holland
ive heard there are allot of kurdisch people living in nashville

i hope im gonna live there someday :P


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