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Reports Live from Nashville -The Little Kurdistan-


(Shahin B. SoreklĂ®)

A village once stood here embraced by trees,
Divided by a stream surrounded by hills.
Almond trees in spring stood red and white,
Herds of sheep grazed in the nearby valleys.
Merry folks once dwelled in this very place,
hard on land they held in grace.
In their colourful dresses pretty girls chattered,
Admired by young lads with hearts full of love.
Old men sat on grass in joy smoking pipes,
Women gossiped and laughed spinning their wool.
Children ran around singing innocent songs;
The thought of death far, man and nature smiled.
Today there is silence, no one can be heard;
The village in ruins the stream is dead.
Only one in thousands is this Kurdish village;
Dear God enough misery: give Kurdistan life
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2:16 AM

nice to have someone from nashville posting... i've been to lazy to do so myself lol

it's a fantabulous blog


7:56 AM

Such beautiful, yet sad, poetry. I have pictures of some artwork that was made in Kurdistan. I copied it from KBU. They have many pictures. Beautiful pictures. It will be, again, beautiful. Never give up. Okay? Good! Have a great day, from California.    

7:59 AM

KBU. Sorry about that. I forgot to link it the first comment. :)    

3:22 PM

you have beautiful poetry. why don't you send it to kurdmedia to publish your art?    

8:19 PM

Well i didnt write it...itz by tht person shahin...i jst like it so i thought id pot it =) !!    

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