N a s h v i l l e K u r d s D a i l y

Reports Live from Nashville -The Little Kurdistan-

It's Raining Cats N Dogs In Nashville...!!

itz 12:35pm now .... Wooohhhhhhhhhhhh.......its been raining here for dayzzzzzz.....ahhhhhhhhh.....where is summmmmmerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :s ... its lightning and thunder ..... im home alone ... ahhhhhh scaredddddd : ... itz scary ... ahhhhhh i just heard the ambulance ... OMG
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12:43 PM

its raining?????????? girl im at school and its been dry all day, its dark though ..    

12:50 PM

did u go with ur bro?? arent u finished for today??    

12:52 PM

no im doing my paper ..........almost done :D    

1:00 PM

wooow good job karach :D    

4:31 PM

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9:37 AM

Best regards from NY! »    

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