N a s h v i l l e K u r d s D a i l y

Reports Live from Nashville -The Little Kurdistan-

It is 11:20 pm now in Nashville ... im not sleepy yet ... woke up very late today coz i didnt have any classes ... my classes ended yesturday ... but my finals are next week ... Nothing much happening in Nashville ... kinda boring ... All the pppl in college are busy studying ... the kids in schoool hmmmm wat should i say .. well as for my brothers ... they get no homework at all!! so they play the x-box day n night ... the grownups birajin and piramirs =) well if you go to Salahaldin Center of Nashville (mosque) you can find them praying there mashaAllah ... today i went to take my brothers to pray maghrib there ... and i went to pray on the ladies side ... when i went in i heard a pirajin shouting at 4 little girls ... i went up to talk to her ... she told me what the kids had done ... oh my Gosh ... SHE WAS SO MADD! ... i apologized for what the kids had done lol like if they were my kids ... anyways .. the kids were running around and they played with thr prayer rugs (shamilk) ... they were everywhere ... so that's why she got mad ... heehee i think it was kinda funny ... old people fuss over everything ...
Anyways ... nothing else ... my friend had a baby boy this weekend =) ...
Well thats about it .... its 11:27pm now heheeh !!!
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12:04 AM

Wow no offence or anything and am Kurdish lol but I rarely ever ever hear Kurds goin to the mosque especially the girls and the younger dudes.....but Mashallah thats gr8 that U guys in Nashville keep ur faith and follow Islam like a true muslim.

Oh yeah just kick ur bros butts when they play X-box or rip it lol cuz my bros are like urs well the younger one is......its freakin annoyin but thank god am not home tell 9 so I dont have to see them.    

10:52 AM

LoL...well the truth is not everyone attends da masjid...but theres people who keep up to their faith al7amdulila...
and ahhhhhhhh im not home either .. i don see much either .... i go from college to work ... but thtz wat they do jst play the stupid games !!!


1:10 PM

Do you attend MTSU?    

1:16 PM

"anonymous said...
Do you attend MTSU?"

heehee maybe i do ... but who are you?!?!?    

1:48 PM

i'm an "anonymous" nashville resident... a good number of Kurds attend MTSU, right?    

5:59 PM

Well mr/mrs anonymours..No not at all ... i dont see many kurds ... theres some guys ... but a lot of kurds @ TSU !! =)


1:12 AM

yeah same here right after college I go to work and end up at home around 9pm so its good that we dont see them play but we just know lol they do.    

3:46 AM

eh, MTSU, TSU ... i thought they were the same, i guess not - well back to organic chem ...    

10:48 AM

lol ya i come home even later thn u sometimes 10:30 0r 11 .. so by the time im home they are asleep :D

yeh anonymous TSU and MTSU r different...TSU has more kurds than MTSU..coz MTSU is kinda far from where all of us kurds live so ppl dont bother to drive 45min bak n forth everyday :D    

5:00 PM

ahh, yes.... i remember now... isn't MTSU in "murfeesboro" [butchered spelling] ?
so do a lot of kurds attend TSU? are there any in other schools?    

6:01 PM

mtsu, tsu, a lot at nashville tech, few at belmont..    

7:57 PM

that's good... i only know a couple of kurds here...

so what do most of the kurds study? (majors)?    

8:42 PM

lol i have no idea!!!!! everyone has different likes/dislikes...
where do u go to school
what do u study    

11:24 PM

Murfreesboro :P .. we jst call it 'Boro ... :D    

3:43 AM

i go to school in nashville lol    

10:33 AM

ohh r u in high school?    

2:37 PM

no lol... 2nd yr - cell & molec bio    

5:28 PM

yea i figured that much....im guessing belmont maybe

????????? let me know if im right!

no no i think mtsu.......are u pre-med?    

6:06 PM

who are u :D ka beja de beja beja beja bejaaaaaaaaaa    

7:03 PM

LOL ... good guesses, but i don't attend any of those schools... :p    

7:19 PM

hmm! really.......then where do u go?.......lemme think are u going to a private school or state??????
u didnt tell me are u pre-med?????????????    

7:56 PM

yes "really" lol ... like i said, i'm at school here in nashville and i'm not very fond of the term "pre-med" lol b/c i'm undecied...

besides, you never said where you go to school (explicitly) or what you're studying... this is still ur blog lol    

8:02 PM

hey do u study online courses....HOMESCHOOL @_@ .. WE ARE NOT GONA BEG FOR YA TO TELL .. VEJA HAMA BEJA :D    

8:18 PM

LOL ... no, no homeschool, but i don't have classes now b/c of finals lol ... online courses would be a sad way to spend one's college years - unless there's no other way

(btw, sorry, i couldn't pick up the last three words, i speak a different dialect)    

8:27 PM

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH u leet somthin out .. so ur sorani :D not badeni aha aha ... wat else can u tell us :D    

8:28 PM

lol cool! well good luck with ur finals.....we have finals too :D...hmm and ur a bio major and ur sorani u live in nashville and u dont attend mtsu,tsu,belmont, or nashville tech......do u go to vandY?    

9:09 PM

now you (you two) are starting to make assumptions... but it's okay
i don't know what bio major, sorani, and nashville have in common???... :/

what are you majoring in?

thanx, good luck with your finals as well    

5:33 PM

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