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Reports Live from Nashville -The Little Kurdistan-

~ HapPpy BirThdaY 2 My Bro~

Hey itz 11:33pm now...It waz My Brother's birthday today :D .. he turned 16yrz old .. SWEET 16 .. well since i waz off from work today i wanted to do somthin special for him .. so i bought an ice cream cake from baskin n robins .. then drove 45min with family to sis house to celebrate :D .. we ate alot .. Alhamdulila .. =) .. ahh wen i was driving bak on da highway there was so much rain ... we had a thunderstorm .. and eachtime a truck passed by me it splashed all the water on my windowz i couldnt see :| .. alhamdulila got home safe =) ... 11:38pm now ;) im tired .. time to sleep *yawwwn*~~
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8:36 AM

alhamdulilah he will get a nice blonde girlfriend :=)

your friend

11:13 AM

who are u ? and ur comments are stupid and silly !!    

5:31 PM

Well happy b-day to your bro.. and may Allah grand him long age\health ^_^    

5:31 PM

How long have you been living in the US?    

5:33 PM

Also, what does alhamdulilah mean? I speak english only...    

5:58 PM

happy Birthday to ur bro!    

6:05 PM

alhamdulila means thank God .. =) .. anywayz why do u wana know how long i been here?    

6:46 PM

nwayz thank u all for wishn him a good birthday heehee    

4:52 PM

I hope your brother find a tight assed girlfriend ( I Know he likes to)..


6:21 PM

its not ur business wat ma bro finds .. dont worry about it    

8:00 AM

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11:51 PM

NSU - 4ever, 5210 - rulez

4:26 PM

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